Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surgery Complications for Honey

Many of my faithful readers already got this news, but Honey's left surgery leg has failed. Her tibial crest has fractured and the hardwear inside may be compromised. I had been concerned about this leg all along- it looked more bowed AFTER surgery, and I raised numerous concerns. Finally, by Sunday, she started limping, where she hadn't been before. She didn't even limp the day after surgery with both of her legs being operated on. I couldn't figure out why on Day 10 of recovery, all of a sudden we were seeing such a backslide.

I brought her in to the surgeon on Monday, he manipulated both legs, watched her walk, and said she was just healing unevenly- but, he never xrayed her legs- and he gave us the go ahead to start pt/rehab on Tuesday (yesterday). The rehab vet was also concerned when she saw the limp. She took some films, which showed things in tact. We began two hours of hydrotherapy and rehab, when as an afterthought, the rehab vet decided to get another view on an xray. This time, a clear fracture was noted. She emailed the digital files to the surgeon, and he said it's a problem, and needs to be reoperated on to fix it. Mind you, we just did two hours of rehab on a broken leg.

Now, today, she is in so much pain on BOTH legs, that she won't walk at all. This backslide is devastating- I'm sick to my stomach with worry, and we go in tomorrow for another surgery. I'm angry at being brushed off in the first place (twice) when I raised concerns about the left leg.

I'm angry that she did two hours of rehab on a broken leg, which has now taxed the remaining good surgery leg to the point that she doesn't want to weight it. If both of these legs are sabotaged, I will die. My poor Hun Buns.

Please, send some good wishes our way. This has been beyond stressful. I can only hope that in the long run, this will help her. This is difficult because I was always on the fence about whether to subject her to these surgeries in the first place. Now my worst fears are coming true. I feel so helpless. I have to stay strong for my baby.

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