Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yard Sale Score!

A lot of people have been asking me 'Melissa, what do you do now that you are not climbing?' Well, if you haven't noticed, my blog has been tending towards more homey stuff, because obviously, one of my hobbies is interior design and shopping for cool house furniture and accessories.

A big part of my daily routine is scoping Craigslist to see what cool things people are selling, and I think it's fun to incorporate bargains and vintage stuff into your house- it's the ultimate recycle.

I have also been spending a lot of my days Garaging as I like to call it. Today was a banner day, as we scored a charcoal grill for 10 bucks, as well as the Coup de Gras of all garage sale finds: a vintage designer piece.

Yep, I scored two Eames fiberglass shell chairs for 10 bucks a piece. The real deal, stamped and authentic. Ok, so they had seen better days, but with a little guidance from Ron at the Green Ant, they restored beautifully.

See the pics below and view the complete transformation. Now, if I were a greedy bastard, I could now put these suckers on Ebay and make 10-15 times (or more) in what I paid for them, but with all the blood, sweat, tears, and itchy fiberglass now imbedded in Adam and I, why would I do such a ridiculous thing, especially when I now own a sweet little piece of Vintage Modern history.

Scroll down to the very bottom view all of the instructions for how to sand and refinish an Eames fiberglass shell chair, as well as to see the pics of how it went.
AFTER- Totally restored and ready to enjoy! Amazing classic for just 10 bucks a piece!
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The happy sanders are smiling behind their masks!
Adam uses steel wool to polish the metal legs.
Melissa applies Penetrol with a soaked rag.
Post sanding. The chair on the left has not been coated yet with the Penetrol, the chair on the right has been treated- AMAZING transformation!
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BEFORE: Dull, itchy, UV and water damaged, fiberglass-flaking chair...
A classic, stamped!
The "H" Base
Adam and I conduct a 'wet sand'. First with coarser 320grit water proof sandpaper, then finer with 600grit. You have to apply a fine mist as you sand and keep the chair wet to minimize fiberglass dust. A moistend dust mask is essential as well as heavy duty rubber gloves.
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Mid Century Craigslist chair

I have been eyeing several pieces of Mid Century Modern furniture lately (also seen below in my "I am Coveting" post of the Eames rocker...Here though, tucked delightfully under the stairs is my latest gem of a Craigslist find- a cute little Mid Century bucket chair. The last addition to my living room, except for the artwork.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008


My beautiful lamp has arrived. As cool and lampy as I'd hoped. As Lubowski says: "it really ties the room together." Think I'll go pour a White Russian now....
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Pole Fitness

Last night, I did something I had been dying to try for ages! I went to a Pole Fitness class at Studio Soiree, right in my neighborhood. Check it out:

My good friend Rachel knew I had been dying to try it, and she got us a deal on an intro class through a girl who recently started climbing at the Front.

Rachel and I not only had a fabulous time, but it was one of THE BEST workouts I have had in a long time. Think of it like vertical yoga or pilates, and extremely complimentary for climbing. The poles were TALL too (about 15 feet I'd say), these women were strong, sexy, and fearless, and there was absolutely nothing scandalous about it. The teacher, Niki, was totally ripped and she had some killer moves.

There was even a guy in the class! I would recommend this type of class for all of the climbers I know, and go with an open mind and you will get worked!

A couple of tips:

1. Do NOT apply lotion prior to class or you will slide down the pole and likely hit your head or ass on the floor
2. DO apply some sort of self tanner to your milky white thighs at least a few days before class
3. DO expect the skin between your legs and behind your knees to get raw
4. DO expect to have fun and get really sore

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am coveting:

Any millionaires out there want to donate to my cause?

My Blogging skills really blow...

Well my friend Shannon prodded me nearly two weeks ago, and I guess I hadn't really even noticed it's been about 5 weeks since my last post.

Hmmm. Ok, cool things that have happened:

1. Went to Portland to see the Holmes family...saw cutest niece Jennelle and nephews Reece and Trevor...absolutely in love with them, they ROCK

2. Lipani parentals visited. They are fun to have around, lot's of eating and drinking, and they might retire in Mesquite; read all of you climbing buddies: warm bed, awesome food, and showers when in the St. George area!!!!!

3. My good friend Kim 'hired' me to design her new bedroom. I LOVE interior design, so this was my dream 'job'. Kim is easy, and had a decent budget. We did lighting, bedding, furniture, paint, accessories, the whole looks SWEEEEEET. And, if she ever gives me pics, I can post 'before's and after's'.

4. One of my favorite Utah Ute's Daria Bijak made the German Olympic Gymnastics team....friggin' sweeeeet times a bajillion. Stay tuned in August for the Beijing Games.

5. I ordered and am anxiously awaiting for this lamp: I LOVE LAMP!!!!!

6. Lastly, and this is definitely lame and NOT cool, I'm still injured...WTF???!!!! Hoping to be climbing by July 1st...send healing thoughts and voodoo magic my way, please and thank you.

Now for some cheesy pics.
Sweet ass fire pit
Hilarious pic
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Awesome 5.10 tee shirt.

Ikea furniture assembly...Note to self: Dad does NOT read directions or diagrams.
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