Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bronson, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

After many, many tries over two seasons living here in SLC, yesterday I sent Bronson in LCC. This problem had only seen one other female ascent two years ago, and was ready for a long awaited female repeat. I sent it on my third day in a row climbing while my friend Cat from Montreal was visiting, and so it was extra special. She was filming the whole thing, and at the end, when I belly flopped and beached whale myself to the top, the camera is shaking up and down as she laughs hysterically at my ridiculous top out of the problem. I was so tired and so pumped, and my hands were numb from the cold. I have never tried so hard to stay on a boulder problem, and the whole time, part of me just wanted to let go...but the other part of me just held on, knowing that I would probably get hurt if I let go, and worse, if I didn't get hurt, I'd probably kill myself for giving up. I hope you enjoy this little funny film and you will be rewarded at the end with a good laugh!

Monday, October 01, 2007

The End of Summer- our vacation to Rochester and Rhode Island

Well, we just returned from an all out food, booze, and family fest in the Northeast. We had a great time with family, and we enjoyed our side trip to Rhode Island very much. We ate, drank, then ate and drank some more, then we checked out the bouldering in Lincoln Woods, Rhode Island. No pics there, but we did get some video of the climbing there which we may be able to upload at some point.

Enjoy some of these pics that highlight our trip. Thanks Mom and Dad for the great times!
Do I look like Tinkerbell here or what??? Why do I look so small? Here we are after another great meal on Federal Hill.

The Temple lounge in our hotel in Providence had really cool grafiti art everywhere.

The view of the Capitol from our room in Providence.
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No, my boobs aren't that big. My mother was encouraging me to stuff food into my purse (and other places) in the Conceirge lounge so we wouldn't go hungry climbing the next morning!

We were able to go to my cousin Alicia's house for her daughter Gabrielle's party. Here are Alicia's other two canine kiddos- baby Lilly and big boy Rocky- sooo cute!

Gia helps Gabrielle with her birthday cake. We had sooo much fun celebrating with the girls.

Dad, Gabrielle, and Aunt Barb.
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Gorgeous sunset, Newport, RI.

Our new yacht we picked up while in Newport.

Lot's of good fresh stuff out of the ocean.

Many imbibings.
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The End of Summer- more pics of Rochester and Rhode Island

One of my childhood, and still wonderful, friends, the lovely Maura. Are we still 13 years old, or what???

Good times always require a Party Bus with the Lipani's. Here we are riding another drunk bus in Providence; on our way to Federal Hill (the Little Italy of Providence).

The view from the Marriot in Newport, Rhode Island.
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