Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, Adam and I enjoyed a very quiet T-giving. Jaima and John came over for drinks and appy's then Adam and I made a lovely dinner...though the turkey was not so good. I think Mr. Turkey lived a rough and tumble life on the streets, and was one...tough...bird.

Yesterday we got our tree up and decorated in preparation for Scotty and Mel's visit- the little nephews Reece and Trevor warrant getting a BIG tree, so we went with a 10 and a half footer! But, our space is limited, so it couldn't be more than 3 ft wide...good challenge!

Hope you like it:

In other news, we found Honey a stroller, but it was a bust- she HATED it, and sang the Honey Donkey Opera all the way down 45th South- people were coming out on their lawns to see what that donkey/manatee/operetta was coming from inside the stroller....then she wedged her head through the back pocket and clawed her way out- embarrassing. But, we did get some Ruff Wear booties, and they are a GREAT SUCCESS- in addition to climbing V10 now, she can also wander the first floor of the house with her booties on without slipping on the wood floors- as Mel Gibson in Braveheart would say- FREEEEEEEDOOOMMMMMMMM!!

Facebook is killing my blogging. Sorry for the lack of updates. Hope all of my readers are well.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Right About Now

We need THIS for Honey:

Her shit still is messed UP- limping, and the new freakish repair is still shifting a few degrees each week. We've been xraying her weekly, she is now radioactive. She lives in a pen. My poor dog. If I can come up with 250 bones, this baby will be hers! Then she could have some fun adventures. If any creative, handy friends want to try to make this out of a converted kid stroller, let me know, I'll pay ya!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Come to the Paws and Claws Adoption Event

Please come to this event, let's help get the University of Utah's Research dogs adopted and give them a happy ending they deserve. Come and meet the animals, show your support for the dedicated volunteers who see that they get walked daily, given treats, and love by caring people, and help find adopters and foster families.

I do not support the research on animals at the University of Utah. It's wrong, I hate it, and I want to take all of these animals home with me. I am sick that I live in one of the only two states that allows Pound Seizure- meaning shelters can be forced to turn over their animals to research laboratories. It's heartwrenching to think that if someone surrenders their family pet to a shelter (don't get me started on that), or a stray whose family cannot be located, that their once loved family dog or cat can end up a research subject in a laboratory.

Yes, there is controversy swirling around the University of Utah research on dogs, cats, and other animals, and PETA has infiltrated the labs with their expose that published in the Salt Lake Tribune today. The problem is (and let me preface by saying I hate PETA, they are only "ethical" if you support euthanasia of pit bulls and total breed discriminatory, yeah, PETA can suck it), they do not propose solutions or seem to support how the citizens of Utah can get involved to help the animals- like writing our State reps and congressman on overturning the inhumane and archaic laws supporting Pound Seizure.

But, I digress- alas, this post is NOT about PETA, or about the research, it's about supporting the animals that come out of those labs by fostering and adopting them, and coming to the Paws and Claws, which will be an awesome event highlighting some of the adoptable animals- there will be adoptable animals, crafts, food, etc.

For more on Pound Seizure and how you can help overturn this law here in Utah, check out this website.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

GRRRL Power- Outdoor Inspiration- A Divine Line

My good friend Jaima has started a new website to help connect the female backcountry enthusiasts of the Wasatch. Her site is called A Divine Line and her aim is to have a forum, gear reviews, classifieds to buy and sell used gear, interviews, and great trail information for ski touring and climbing in Utah. Jaima is an amazing athlete, from snowboarding, to backcountry skiing, to climbing, she is pretty much a badass, and her website will no doubt be a fun, inspiring place to visit and a great way to connect with other women who enjoy the Wasatch backcountry. Stop by and join her forum today!


I'm Like David Hasslehoff

Not really, but this is a banner week for media. I must be big in Japan...or Germany, or somewhere!

Yesterday, my friend Chris pointed out that I am a centerfold in the new Urban Climber for an FFA I did in LCC about two years ago...oh well, better late than never, right? And, for those of you who have asked, Yes, it was scary. It's actually Ditch Witch low, or sit, or whatever it's called and was a fourth overall ascent, first female ascent. Back when I used to be strong, was motivated, and had balls. I remember the day well, I made Andy promise to stay on the ground and spot me with Justin, and he PROMISED he would and that he wouldn't take pics. When I topped out that boulder and looked over in the trees and saw Andy in a tree limb with his camera in hand, and only little ol' Justin on the ground, I was MAD. But, I was also so ecstatic, and I forgave Andy, as I was happy to have his amazing pics to remember it by.

Then today, again in design blog land, I have popped up again on Apartment Therapy, a republish of a shot that appeared about a year ago. This time, they have labled me as having an "Unstuffy Dining Room." Cool, I'll take it. I need to entertain soon in that Unstuffy Dining Room, because as of late I have been a total and complete shut in.

While we're on the topic of my status as a shut in, Honey is still struggling. I can't really write about it, because it's painful. She is still having problems on her leg that was re-operated on, and we go back in again on Thursday for another xray. At this point, I'm saying no more surgery...let's let this poor Honey heal and try again in a few months. And as if to tell me how over it she really is, she took a dump in my laundry room- a first, and hopefully a last.

That's the news for the day, and if you have any funny stories, I could use a laugh right about now.

Pic by Andy Burr
pic by yours truly
pic by yours truly

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Honored- Desire to Inspire Shout Out

Well, off the topic of pooches, and on the topic of design. Very thrilled and honored to have on of my photos appear on one of my favorite design blogs Desire to Inspire. If you ever are stumped on a house project, or just need to be inspired for your space, this blog is a must read! Thank you so much Desire to Inspire!