Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Come to the Paws and Claws Adoption Event

Please come to this event, let's help get the University of Utah's Research dogs adopted and give them a happy ending they deserve. Come and meet the animals, show your support for the dedicated volunteers who see that they get walked daily, given treats, and love by caring people, and help find adopters and foster families.

I do not support the research on animals at the University of Utah. It's wrong, I hate it, and I want to take all of these animals home with me. I am sick that I live in one of the only two states that allows Pound Seizure- meaning shelters can be forced to turn over their animals to research laboratories. It's heartwrenching to think that if someone surrenders their family pet to a shelter (don't get me started on that), or a stray whose family cannot be located, that their once loved family dog or cat can end up a research subject in a laboratory.

Yes, there is controversy swirling around the University of Utah research on dogs, cats, and other animals, and PETA has infiltrated the labs with their expose that published in the Salt Lake Tribune today. The problem is (and let me preface by saying I hate PETA, they are only "ethical" if you support euthanasia of pit bulls and total breed discriminatory, yeah, PETA can suck it), they do not propose solutions or seem to support how the citizens of Utah can get involved to help the animals- like writing our State reps and congressman on overturning the inhumane and archaic laws supporting Pound Seizure.

But, I digress- alas, this post is NOT about PETA, or about the research, it's about supporting the animals that come out of those labs by fostering and adopting them, and coming to the Paws and Claws, which will be an awesome event highlighting some of the adoptable animals- there will be adoptable animals, crafts, food, etc.

For more on Pound Seizure and how you can help overturn this law here in Utah, check out this website.

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