Sunday, August 31, 2008

Staycation 2008- Gumby Edition

Or Labor Day edition, or whatever edition you want to call it.

Holmes and I have 5 days off. Here is what we've done/will do:

*Had a terrible, overpriced Italian meal at Cannella's- NOT authentic, and NOT recommended...can you say garlic powder and too much salt? Ewwwwww....

*Went to see Batman on IMAX...MUST see on IMAX, no question- I pretty much had motion sickness the screen was so big. And, I sat right next to four good Mormon boys

*Went climbing at American Fork with Adam and Kev- first time climbing outside since April- yayyyyy. Climbing in gym too.

*Had a fun little bbq and fire pit party

*Painted/still painting hallway

*the rest is TBA because Staycation 2008- Gumby edition is still underway!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Love My Dogs

Tigg's may look a little gaunt and sleepy, but don't be fooled, he's doing much, much better.

Winn testing out her new floors.
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A Slow Return to Normalcy

Well, the last week has been starting to feel a little bit more like a normal life. I've started climbing again, albeit very slowly and only in the gym, Tiggs is acting more like a dog, and we even squeaked in a quick trip to Ikea for a little retail therapy.

We decided to rip out the nasty carpet in our loft, made a little nastier by the side effects of Prednisone, and lay some inexpensive laminate. Adam and I were kinda psyched on trying a white wood anyways, and Ikea makes a white-washed wood laminate for about a buck a square foot. We even found a couple of boxes of the flooring in the As Is room at Ikea, and voile, a little elbow grease (ok, maybe a lot of elbow grease, and a few near-marriage ending squabbles) and a hundred bucks and POOF, we have a cool new floor.

Hope you like the pics.

On the Tiggs front, blood work has been great, PCV near 40 and starting to cut the Pred a little bit. Still experiencing a few unpleasant side effects, but Tiggs is handling it all like a champ, and even rolled in the grass last night- I will never take seemingly insignificant dog behavior for granted again. We love him so much! And we love his wonderful big sister Winn, who has been kind and gentle towards him.

A Little Retail Therapy

I love new, cheap Ikea accessories- $17 buys a little temporary bliss!
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Cheap Flooring Project

Ripping out the carpet felt so good!
Here are some "After" shots

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Is anyone as obsessed about the Olympics as I am? Well, for one, I am glued to the gymnastics. The mens team came away with the bronze medal that no one thought they would ever get, and I can't wait to watch the women's team finals tonight.

Daria Bijak of the Utah Utes competed for her native Germany, which did not qualify for the women's team finals, however, if you have a minute, watch the top video on my video bar to watch her absolutely amazing floor routine. THIS WOMAN COMPETES FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH! For shitsake, she is so rad, I can't even tell you. Go to see a Utes meet this winter and you will see why we have been the NCAA runners up. The routine she is competing in the short video is her at the Olympics competing the same floor exersise reoutine she performs for her collegiate routine- the difficulty and tricks she throws are unheard of at the collegiate level. WATCH IT PEOPLE! You won't be dissappointed.

ARGHH-PS> It appears as though the video of Daria was possibly removed from YouTube...damn NBC copyrights! So, sorry if you missed it, hopefully it will repost on my video bar if and when it becomes available.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What's Up?

Just finished the buying frenzy for BD at the Outdoor Retailer trade show, what a scene! Really, how many pair of capri pants can one look at before going postal? Not really any crazy cool new products to report, other than the Mammut Smart belay device, which will be sick, and really pretty cheap at a retail price of 29 bucks. Also, I like the new BD Orbit lamp, which is a cute little lantern that fits in your pocket. Lastly, the new Five Ten Women's Daescent and Guide Tennie will be the approach shoes of choice this fall.

Other than the crazy amount of work, Tiggs is doing so well! His PCV today was between 37 and 38. We are getting lots more tail wags and taking 20 minute walks daily to get his stamina up. His weight is coming back, but his head is a bit skeletal looking from the way that the Pred causes muscle wasting.

I went to the gym last week for an easy climbing session, and felt like sheee-ottt. Now, gotta get back in there so I don't feel so bad this fall when LCC starts getting good. I did still feel the tendon, mostly in the palm of my hand. So, still a long, long road on the mend for that one. But, I think I can do some easy stuff for now just so I am moving.

No exciting house pj's currently, as all monetary funds have gone towards massive vet bills. My wood floor savings has been deposited into the Bank of Tiggs. I really wouldn't have it any other way, but I was looking forward to ripping out our carpet. Maybe next Spring...

Oh and Wendy and Dave had a baby boy Luke, and Andy and Laurel had a baby girl, Kaia. Congrats to all my friends!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fort Fun

They don't call it that for nothing! Ft. Collins was just what the doctor ordered, literally! Our wonderful friends Jay and Traci finally tied the knot, and dammit, my batteries were dead for their incredible wedding and reception. Trac and Jay have been great friends and climbing partners over the years, I'm so happy we could share their day.

Coming back to Ft. Collins was so good for us, it was a wonderful homecoming, and it seemed like at every turn, we ran into a familiar and friendly face, from the minute we pulled into town, until we left. Many people came back into town and my friend Rick said it best: it was a reunion of people from the heyday of the Ft. Collins climbing scene.

Many of you have asked about Tiggs, and all I can say is that he had an amazing turn around while we were there. We were lucky enough to consult with CSU vet teaching hospital, and they spent 3 hours with us. They were great about consulting Tiggs' vet here, and they agreed that his treatment is on the right track. Not only that, but his blood work was great while we were there, and his energy seemed to triple! Also, we were able to reduce his meds slightly, which will help us manage some of the less desireable side effects he is experiencing (can you say diaper pull-ups???).

Thanks for all of the well wishes with Tiggs; he keeps reminding us to take it one day at a time. His liver is enlarged from the meds that he takes, and he is at risk of developing a clot, but overall, if we stay on the right track, we are hopefully close to a balance of drugs that will help Tiggs stay healthy without too many problems.
John and Lisa hosted a fun bbq for our last night. I wish I had a pic of their cute little girl Ella, she is so darling!
Melissa C.'s dad Alfred, out from Conneticut to help Jimmy get their stuff out of storage and into their new house. So nice to see him!
Andy and Jamie- happy newleyweds
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Tiggs hoping that Ethan and Lisa's beautiful baby Cade will drop a nugget that he can, that Prednisone makes you so hungry!
So cute!
My pimp, Jimmy Jam, just back from Lusaka, Zambia! Completely serendipitous to have him in Ft. Collins after he and Melissa's 3 year teaching stint in Africa!
Da Boyz!
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I love this girl! My friend, the beautiful bride, Traci.
The dashing groom Jay (in the plaid), with the Schwartz-Savage contingent
Marc and Adam, chillin with some good Ft. Collins brews
Is this the same dog? Tiggs showing what good quality of life looks like! He finally felt good enough to enjoy the beautiful Poudre river...look at that smile!
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I snapped this pick last week before we left for Ft. Collins- Tiggs during a rough week with IMHA...Win was so concerned, she decided he needed a cuddle buddy.
Tiggs waiting for his docs at CSU Vet Teaching Hospital...looking much better!
Great to see Marc and Rachel!
Adam and Ethan
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