Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Slow Return to Normalcy

Well, the last week has been starting to feel a little bit more like a normal life. I've started climbing again, albeit very slowly and only in the gym, Tiggs is acting more like a dog, and we even squeaked in a quick trip to Ikea for a little retail therapy.

We decided to rip out the nasty carpet in our loft, made a little nastier by the side effects of Prednisone, and lay some inexpensive laminate. Adam and I were kinda psyched on trying a white wood anyways, and Ikea makes a white-washed wood laminate for about a buck a square foot. We even found a couple of boxes of the flooring in the As Is room at Ikea, and voile, a little elbow grease (ok, maybe a lot of elbow grease, and a few near-marriage ending squabbles) and a hundred bucks and POOF, we have a cool new floor.

Hope you like the pics.

On the Tiggs front, blood work has been great, PCV near 40 and starting to cut the Pred a little bit. Still experiencing a few unpleasant side effects, but Tiggs is handling it all like a champ, and even rolled in the grass last night- I will never take seemingly insignificant dog behavior for granted again. We love him so much! And we love his wonderful big sister Winn, who has been kind and gentle towards him.

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shannon said...

good tiggy news!

and climbing, yay! keep me posted on your plans - keeping you in mind for september climbing trip!