Sunday, February 27, 2005


Enjoy the following pics from our Vegas area travels. Unfortunately, the weather was at a hundred year low, and much flooding occurred, making our journey quite trying. We got our first hotel room in six months, and spent three days drying out our minds, bodies, and the inside of the flooded truck.

We decided to head to Bishop, CA, for some rejuvenating sunshine, hots springs, and awesome bouldering. Stay tuned for more pics and posts.

A splurge day at the Bellagio; the gardens were celebrating Chinese New Year. Posted by Hello

Tigger wearing his camo at Red Rocks. Posted by Hello

Rain in Vegas makes for a beautiful sunset. Posted by Hello

Driving over the Hoover dam at night. Posted by Hello

On our way out West, we stopped for our first peek at the Grand Canyon. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rain, rain, GO AWAY

Good thing we came to the desert to escape the rain...NOT> It has been raining for days! We are starting to go crazy, and there is no place to hide because bad weather is everywhere in the Southwest. Here are some pics from a day where we got a window of climbing in. Otherwise, we continue to read, sightsee, and drive each other crazy. Send us some emails to keep us busy.

Melissa silouhetted against the the clouds in Red Rocks. Posted by Hello

Adam reflected in Melissa's giant new sunglasses...hey, they were only $8 bucks at Marshalls! Posted by Hello

Melissa displaying hip arm warmer fashion on a cool day. Posted by Hello

Adam enjoying the rare appearance of fine weather. Posted by Hello

Meeting new friends at Red Rocks in Las Vegas. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 11, 2005

Viva Las Vegas!

Well, as you probably noticed in the picture with the icicles, we weren't exactly enjoying stellar weather in the Southeast, prompting a swift and liberating decision to drive to the warmest, sunniest place we could find...The City that NEVER sleeps, LAS VEGAS!

We drove three long days to get here, and along the way, tried to stop and camp in Jacks Canyon, AZ, which was pretty much a mud pit. We were trying to walk around camp with three pounds of mud on each shoe. We got stuck trying to leave, and the truck was sideways, covered in mud as the wheels spinned fruitlessly, despite the fact that the Toyota was in low 4WD! The truck looked like something out of MAD MAX, and we later discovered that Adam never locked the wheel hubs in the first place, thus we never really were in 4WD!

We had many other adventures along the way, including a nighttime visit to the Hoover Dam, a lovely site when lit up against the dark desert sky. We also visited the Grand Canyon for the first time, and it truly did take our breath away. We knew that Sin City wasn't far off, as we could see the light beam shooting out of the Luxor from about 20 miles outside of Vegas.

The weather gave us about 6 days of sunny, dry, warm heaven, before the weather gods figured out that we were on the move and chased us down with more rain and cold temperatures. We are still having lots of laughs though, because there is a wildlife preserve for Burro's (aka ASSES) at the campground we are staying at. All night long they shriek and snort and bray, which is so funny that it makes us do the same!

We will try to get more pics up when we replace the little do-hickey that puts the pictures from the camera onto the computer.