Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vinto Pizza

There's a new kid in town...Vinto Pizza.

If you love woodfired pizza, reasonable prices, and a hip but comfortable setting, go check out Vinto.

We enjoyed a proscuitto and apple pie with shaved parm and arugula, a baked mac and cheese with fontina, parm, cauliflower and crunchy baked breadcrumbs, and a delicious sorbetto and gelatto sampler.

The wine list is good and affordable, good beer selection, and great service. GO! NOW! What are you waiting for?

418 East 200 South

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pits and Perception Art Show

OliverPeteyBlue NoseChinaMyaBonitaLenaGeorgia

Please join one of Best Friend's founding members and wonderful artist, Cyrus Mejia for a reception and art show entitled Pits and Perceptions running from 12/18-1/30/10.

This is an incredible collection of paintings featuring some of the Vic(k)tory Dogs and other pitties from the Sanctuary. You can visit Cyrus' website here:


This show has traveled the country and is finally stopping in Salt Lake! Please come to the reception and be sure to stop by while the exhibit is up!

I am truly honored to have a digital display of my photography featuring some of my favorite dogs at the Sanctuary that will be up during the exhibit. Please come to the opening and support the show, the dogs, and me!

Monday, December 07, 2009

The Secret to Happy Training

I have been psyched on training for climbing, and even though my beloved Rachel Orth, and my beloved Rachel Strate have both deserted me for greener pastures (sad, sad days for me), I have been getting amped with visiting, roadtripping Brit Steve Honeyman.

Having a fun, supportive, motivating person to train with makes all the difference, and I've been really amping to get into super shape and hopefully propel that onto some real rock in March (Bishop anyone?)...of course all of that hinges on all of our canine drama that we cannot seem to escape.

For me the secret to happy and productive training (well, really just climbing) is surrounding myself with good people with no egos, and people that realize climbing is fun! My other major secret, and perhaps I shouldn't divulge, lest the masses flood the gym, is going during the day with a few friends when the gym is empty....for me this is as much fun as it is productive.

I'm hoping to take a trip down South for some new bouldering areas- Duncan, if you are reading this, let's GO!

And this link probably won't work, but this pic is a hilarious oldie but a goody, me bouldering with a harness on and a huge ass chalk bag dangling behind me- good times!