Saturday, January 16, 2010


Wow, I have been really busy, which means blogging is suffering. My trip to Kanab was productive yet brief. I enjoyed three wonderful nights with my Tina Louise(y) Wheezy, and met a ton of my new coworkers. The one thing I can say about working for Best Friends is that everyone is so passionate, and loves what they do, including me. Everyone works so hard, and it's evident in the creativity and programs that we have. It's very inspiring.

I wasn't in Kanab but two days, when I was called to help with a heartbreaking rescue project out of state. I'm still really not at liberty to discuss the details of this rescue. I can say that Arkansas, and Missouri (well, and a lot of places), have notoriously weak animal cruelty laws. I will enlighten my faithful readers more when the details of this rescue come out for the public. I learned alot, I was glad to go, I would go again, though the outcomes were disappointing. It strengthens our resolve to do more and get tougher laws to protect animals from abuse and neglect. We had a very good team and a wonderful volunteer network in place and seeing that come together was very inspiring.

In other news, Honey started her hydrotherapy. It was so cool, and she loved her hydro tech Wilma. We will go weekly and I think this will help Honey's recovery tremendously.

For my out of state readers, have you heard that Salt Lake City is the most polluted in the nation right now? We have all been breathing a brown soupy cloud for weeks now. Nothing was more evident that flying through the brown cloud on my way home last week. Inversion sucks! There will be a critical mass transit this week in the City to protest our terrible air quality. Uck.

Hope you are all well.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A New Chapter

Well, this morning I leave for Kanab to start the training for my new job with Best Friends, I'm really excited and nervous all at once. Good thing I'll have the best cuddle bug ever (Tina Louise) to help me relax tonight:

I've been putting all of my energy into getting my workspace ready, and I love the finished product. We sold our futon to make way, now the (WO)man room will be relocated downstairs. This is cool because we'll get a REAL couch and a TV! I've sworn off TV for the last 10-15 years, but screw it. I want a flat screen with Bose surround, High Def, and cable! I'm getting old and I want some serious American excess. Haha!

Here's the couch options, what do you all think?

Baxter Sectional Set 2a (Left-Arm Chaise, Sofa, Anchor Gray