Thursday, July 30, 2009

Salt Lake County Animal Shelter Unveils New Bully Program

Meet some of the new adoptables in the progressive new Bully Program over at SLCO. This program offers the opportunity for volunteers to pair with an adoptable pittie or pittie mix to obtain the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate. Additionally, it provides FREE spay and neuters to pitties and pittie mixes in the County, as well as low cost Canine Good Citizen training for all pitties and mixes in the County. The goal of this program is to address the disproportionate numbers of pitties in the shelters which would also reduce the disproportionately high euthanasia rates for pitties.

Best Friends will be supporting and collaborating on the program with it's Pit Bulls: Saving America's Dog campaign. I will be a volunteer extrordinaire and photog, and am hoping this program is a huge success. As always, these programs rely on YOU, faithful readers to volunteer, donate, foster, whatever you can do!




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Meet from the top: Ziggy, Zip, Lewis, Lilly- ALL ADOPTABLE

Photos by Yours Truly

Monday, July 27, 2009


My good friends Skippy and Isa came to town to put on a helluva good show at the Outdooor Retailer street party last Tuesday.

AscenDance can be described as dance-climb fusion, and as a former dancer, gymnast, and current climber, I think it's pretty badass.

Isa and Skippy live in the Bay area, and they are incredible athletes and all around great people. Isa's choreography was beautiful and displayed so much strength and grace in each piece. They made it look effortless, and trust me- it's not. They taught me one move, and I was sore for a week!

Check out their website, AscenDance Project.



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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tiggs- One Year Later

Today marks the 1 year anniversary that Tiggs was diagnosed with the dreadful, awful disease IMHA/AIHA (Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia) that nearly took him from us.

He is in remission and off of medications to treat this disease as of today, and after fighting so hard, we thought he deserved a little party. We made him a big hamburger and he LOVED it! We also got him a special bandanna from the Morris Animal Foundation's Meisha's Hope Fund, which donates money to research that helps find better treatments and hopefully a cure for this terrible disease. Perfectly timed, his bandana arrived today.

We are so grateful that Tiggs is doing so well, he continues to be a joy and a friend to all, and inspires me daily with his happiness, kindness and love.

We are so proud of him. Way to go Tiggy!




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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Please Help a Climber in Need

Any amount will help! We all have to stick together, that is what makes the climbing world so special.

This is Tacos, a climber from Japan, who was seriously injured in a car wreck here in the States. Tacos needs help getting back home with two caregivers. To read more about her, please visit over at my good friend Rachel's blog.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Martha Stewart





Every now and then I get a wild crafty hair up my butt. I have been searching out new dog collars for my crew, and I always seem to have champagne taste on a beer budget- with everything!

I asked my artsy friend Catherine at work if she knew anyone that made cool custom blingy dog collars, and she said, 'why don't you just make one?' Huh...could I?

I went to the Leather Craft store...scoff if you will. There were really nice, albeit interesting people that work there, and are into Leathercraft. Braveheart was playing on a screen in the back, and a group of teenagers were working on projects like a giant leather shield.

With an open mind, Craig, the very large (he told me you have to be fat to go behind the counter), very nice guy working there, gave me an hour and a half lesson on how to make a collar, which is apparently a 'good beginners project.'

We chose my supplies, decided on purple with pink crystals and domed rivets, and off I went. Adam made fun of me and didn't believe I'd do it. Anyone here who knows me shouldn't be surprised that I'll try anything at least once. Why not?

Hope you like how my first project turned out. Honey is blinged, and I will design another for Tiggs and Winn next.
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