Sunday, April 16, 2006

Safety First

It is always important to wear good eye protection when using any power tools.
Working on the gate and arbor.
Our awesome neighboors Reyna, Jonny, and Gavin who had us over for Easter dinner. Posted by Picasa

Home Improvement Continues...

Here is the door knob on the outside.
Here is Adam working on the frame of the new fence.
Here is our pretty peach tree with some blossoms and the newly completed fence.
A closer view of Adam's pride and joy...the lattice work. Posted by Picasa

Home Improvements

Here is our new fence. Adam worked hard while I was in Bishop and put up the half you see on the left. I got home and we finished the half on the right.
Here is our new gate and arbor. Adam wanted to capture some Japanese influence.
He also worked hard to stain and seal our beautiful new front door. It is very warm and completely changes the house inside and out.
Here is the Arts and Crafts style door knob that we chose for our door. This is what it looks like on the inside. Posted by Picasa