Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The lack of blogging going on in this blog is ridiculous...and I am not a woman who is made to look RIDICULOUS...ok, bad Godfather reference there.

Anyways, geez, where the hell have Adam and Melissa been?! Well, in general, starting to regain life as we know it, now that our old house has sold and we have settled into the new one.

A big highlight was a quick trip to San Diego that I (Melissa) took to see my mom. Can't beat free gorgeous Marriott hotel rooms thanks to my dad's hotel points! Scroll down to see some picture highlights.

In a nutshell: Adam skiied a ton this year, Melissa pulled a ton of plastic (ie, gym climbed for all of you uninitiated)....

Recently, the snow has started to thaw....THANKS BE TO JESUS! And I've climbed in Joe's, Ibex, and most recently the ST. George area, marking my return (officially) to route climbing. We'll see how long it lasts.

A big part of our winter has been the Utah Women's Gymnastics 2008 season, as we are season pass holders. Our beloved Utes, are 11-1 this year, and are ranked 2nd in the country, although they have already defeated the #1 team, Georgia. Check them out at: http://utahutes.cstv.com/sports/w-gym/utah-w-gym-body.html

The Utes have a great shot at being the National Champs, so stay tuned to these amazing athletes, many of whom were International stars and Olympians prior to their Collegiate careers, and a couple of whom you may see in Beijing this summer!

Anyhoo, no complaints, things are greening up, and we're psyched for Spring climbing season. Expect to hear more from us as we get back into the swing of life as we normally (or abnormally) know it- obsessed with CLIMBING!

San Diego Trip 2/08

We visited with Uncle Joe and his lovely wife Joan, whom I adore! They live in a nice little home in Oceanside. Uncle Joe and Joan were wonderful hosts, and they drove us up the coast so we could shop, put our toes in the ocean, and eat. We spent a night with them and had an amazing dinner (my favorite family meal- homeade meat SAUCE!!!).
We also visited Balboa Park while we were on a long trolley tour, which was huge and amazing, here is a shot in one of the botanical gardens.
The view from our hotel room.
We drove to Yorba Linda to visit one of my mom's best friends, "Coolie" aka Louise and her husband John. We watched the Oscars, ate great food, drank wine, and laughed. It's fun to to watch two old friends together. I had to spend the night in the "Coolie-Mobile"-see above PT Cruiser- because I almost died. That's right, I almost died. My mom neglected to tell me that Coolie has two Ragamuffin cats, to which I'm deathly allergic. I went into full blown asthma and nearly had to go the ER. But it all worked out, because I was able to milk it for alot of "I-almost-died presents."
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These cute little shits almost killed me!!!
Mom and Coolie...they had a lot of rules about how their pictures could be taken. Such divas!
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Our Day at the San Diego Zoo

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