Sunday, May 29, 2005

Beautiful BC

Since we have been pretty bad about posting pictures, below you will find several new ones that capture what we have been up to. We enjoyed our time climbing the technical routes at Skaha, in Penticton, BC. We were also able to take a quick tour of some of the local bouldering spots where Melissa did a First Ascent of a roof that had been stymieing the local boys. We enjoyed great weather, and the beautiful lakes around the area. After two fun weeks, we decided to move on the beautiful Squamish, BC, north of Vancouver. On the way here we saw a brown bear foraging on the side of the road, but were too slow to nab a pic! Surrounding us here in Squamish is a 1000 foot sheer granite wall that rivals Yosemite, and on the other side, is a beautiful bay and a gateway to the Pacific Ocean. Soaring above that are towering snow covered peaks to take your breath away. On our first afternoon here, Melissa was surprised and delighted to send her first V10 boulder problem, Zero Zero, in the forest of Squamish. We are also thrilled to be reunited with Lisa and Jon, old friends from Ft. Collins, as well as our Vancouver posse. Seems like we'll be staying awhile. Stay tuned for more adventures and pics.

And another lovely moonrise while he changes a tire.... Posted by Hello

A lovely moonrise over Skaha Lake. Posted by Hello

With old and new friends on Skaha Lake, BC. Posted by Hello

Adam on one of his favorite problems, a golden triangle granite boulder. Posted by Hello

Melissa sent this roof problem, which was a First Ascent. She named the problem Sho-yo (V7?), a word the Chinese use to mean "most beautiful" when referring to the wild flowers that grow there.  Posted by Hello

Melissa showing the Canadian boys how it's done with heel hook prowess on the First Ascent of Sho-yo located near OK Falls in BC. Posted by Hello

Melissa jumping for joy on Skaha Lake, Penticton, BC. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Melissa and Adam have gone international. We're up in Pentincton, B.C. climbing at Skaha. Luckily we made it into the country....two interviews with Customs agents and an interview with an Immigration officer, an examination of the dogs papers and VOILA...we were allowed in. The area is beautiful, situated between Skaha Lake and the Okanagen lake (home to the misunderstood lake "monster" Ogopogo), and there are wineries everywhere. Lots to do! Will post pics at a later date.

M and A

Adam and Orus (my brother's brother-in-law) sharing a feliz complianos. Posted by Hello

Adam tries out a macho moustache. Posted by Hello