Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross

I love NPR's Terry Gross and her show Fresh Air. Terry always asks candid and pointed questions and seems to be able to draw information out of people in ways that no one else can.

Today Terry is tackling the subject of dogfighting. I'm curious to see which angles she will be looking at with this story, but surely with all the recent controversy surrounding S(v)ick's return to the NFL, and huge recent fight busts in the midwest, this is a timely topic. Dogfighting seems to cross all socioeconimic lines, with some recent busts targeting teachers, police, and other "white collar" individuals.

Terry will feature John Goodwin of the HSUS, and a former dog fighter on the show. If you are in Utah, the program will air at 1pm today on KCPW.

Tune in and tell me your thoughts after the show! I hope that this show is an informative and engaging show that will enlighten many people as to the horrific abuse these dogs endure at the hands of these greed driven sociopaths.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

HERA Climb for Life '09





Here's just a few of the pics I shot at the HERA Climb for Life event this weekend in Salt Lake City.

This year I was one of the climbing pros that got to guide participants climbing to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer. I have tried to do this event every year since 2005, when I met Sean Patrick the founder of HERA in Las Vegas at Red Rocks. Sean passed away this year, and she was sorely missed at this years event, but the spirit of HERA seemed even stronger as everyone was inspired to 'do it for Sean' this year. Nearly $100,000 was raised by participants from all over the country.

My group was very cool and everyone was so positive it was infectious. We had the father-son duo of Sean and John, Diana, Shelly, and Alison. Some of these climbers were very new to climbing, or had never bouldered outside. Everyone was determined, and every climber enjoyed tons of personal success.

I was proud that the company I work for, Black Diamond, as well as one of my climbing sponsors Five Ten, were involved in making this important, inspiring event happen.

I hope to see many of my faithful readers at next years event!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Super Adoption Success

These are some pics from the Fall Super Adoption, and our first annual Salt Lake County Pit Crew Tent. This is an exciting collaboration between Salt Lake County shelter and Best Friends Pit Bulls: Saving America's Dog Campaign. During the three day event we adopted out about 45 animals, about 10 of which were pit bulls! In total, I believe close to 400 animals were adopted out between all of the shelters and rescues that attended the event.

Special thanks to No More Homeless Pets in Utah for organizing and hosting this wonderful event twice a year, it's a tremendous effort and none of this would be possible without them. Thank you NMHP!!
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Monday, September 07, 2009

Fall Super Adoption Event- Your Help Needed

An open call from NMHP:

Dear Animal Lover
The Fall Pet Super Adoption is this weekend! We are still in need of volunteers to help us care for the 800 homeless animals that will be saved at this event.

It takes a lot of teamwork to successfully put on an event of this size. Hundreds of cats and dogs will be adopted into loving homes this weekend - and you can be part of making that happen!

We need help with setting up and tearing down, walking the dogs, caring for the cats, gate security, keeping things tidy and helping with other various tasks.

Here are the shifts we still need help with:

Thursday Sept 10th: 8am or 9am-1pm and 1-6pm to help set up. We really need good volunteers to help us get this event set up.

Friday Sept 11th: 8am to 1pm to help finish setting up; noon-4pm and 4-8pm to clean and care for the animals, etc.

Saturday Sept 12th: 7am-noon for early morning dog walking; noon-4pm and 4-8pm to clean and care for the animals, etc.

Sunday Sept 13th: 7am-noon for early morning dog walking; noon-4pm and 3:30-7:30pm for cleaning up and tearing down the event. We always appreciate a fresh batch of volunteers for our tear down crew!!

Even if you can only commit a few hours and not a whole shift, no problem! We'd still greatly appreciate the help! To sign-up, please contact Maranda Hawkes (801-364-0370 x27, or Danielle Slaughter (801-364-0370 x20, as soon as possible.

On behalf of all the dogs and cats who will be saved at Super Adoption, we thank you in advance!

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Holly Sizemore
No More Homeless Pets in Utah