Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross

I love NPR's Terry Gross and her show Fresh Air. Terry always asks candid and pointed questions and seems to be able to draw information out of people in ways that no one else can.

Today Terry is tackling the subject of dogfighting. I'm curious to see which angles she will be looking at with this story, but surely with all the recent controversy surrounding S(v)ick's return to the NFL, and huge recent fight busts in the midwest, this is a timely topic. Dogfighting seems to cross all socioeconimic lines, with some recent busts targeting teachers, police, and other "white collar" individuals.

Terry will feature John Goodwin of the HSUS, and a former dog fighter on the show. If you are in Utah, the program will air at 1pm today on KCPW.

Tune in and tell me your thoughts after the show! I hope that this show is an informative and engaging show that will enlighten many people as to the horrific abuse these dogs endure at the hands of these greed driven sociopaths.

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Jess Mauzy said...

It is interesting to listen to someone speak about dogfighting who grew up in a neighborhood where it was accepted as a way of life. It's so bizarre that some people think it's acceptable, but I guess there are a lot of issues like that. I think that what happened with Vick was an awful thing, but it has raised awareness to a level that never would have been reached had he not been a public figure. I hope he really and truely uses his name to work to eradicate dogfighting from those neighborhoods where kids grow up thinking it is a sport.