Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keep Tiggs in your thoughts

We seem to have a small backslide with Tiggs, his PCV dropped five points since last week, the first drop since he was diagnosed in July.

Natrually, we are really, really worried. He didn't eat his food last night or today, and seems more tired than normal. Dr. Lynette has a full panel of labs that will come back tomorrow, and hopefully shed some insight as to what could be causing this drop, as it's not entirely common for a dog that's been stable and had no med reductions to slide backwards at this stage. One possible theory is a reaction to one of his immunosuppressive drugs.

Please wish him well and keep him in your thoughts, we will update more as we know it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sexy Suby

I would like to add that we bought this car from located here in Utah, and Randy Archibald is the owner. He is really fantastic, and very easy to work with. He truly loves what he does, and he is also a PA, who just happens to follow his passion for cool cars on the side. Randy has integrity and isn't a cheesy sales guy; he's a genuine guy who will help you find a car you really love. You can visit his site at
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Monday, September 22, 2008

The End of an Era

Well, with great emotion, I am here to tell you that my tacoma has been sold....I've owned LuLu for over 10 years, and learned to drive her stick shift tranny with my dad while home from college one summer, as he screamed at me constantly, "YOU'RE POPPING THE CLUTCH!!!!"
It was time, though. LuLu had 170,000 miles on her, though she showed no signs of slowing down. And yes, the flippac went with her. She is on to new adventures with her new owner who is a wildlife bio major, so she will likely get to take many more exciting and beautiful trips. And, as Obe Carrion told me during HERA, which cracked me up, "she smells like HARD LIVIN'" So true.... So what did we replace her with you ask? A sexy, FAST Subaru Legacy GT 2.5 TURBO wagon with a Cobb short shifter (read: race car), and all tan leather interior, ABS, AWD, sexiness. Now I need a radar detector! Pics coming soon.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skippy and Isa Come to Town

I love Skippy and Isa, and everytime they pass through town I get happy. They are some of the most positive, talented, and fun people you will ever meet. Skippy is an aspiring fashion guru, and Isa (along with Skippy) runs the AscenDance ( in the Bay area. Check out her website for some cool pics and the story of her vertical dance company. It is my dream to do this with her someday! If you ever run into Skippy and Isa at the crag, be sure to say hi and settle in for a little Southern (Skippy) and German (Isa) charm!
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Monday, September 08, 2008

Maple Canyon

Yesterday, Adam and I went climbing at Maple Canyon with Jaima, Kev, and Amber. It was a super fun crew, and we hooked up with Heath and Rachel S. down there. It was my second time climbing outside in 5 months (last week we went to AF, and toproped with Kev). Well, I felt a lot better this time around, and flashed an 11d, a 12a, and a 12b! Woo hoo! I guess the time off was good for me after all. But, then I was so tired and pumped, I could hardly move, so I layed around with Tiggs, and it was his first time on a climbing day out also in about 5 months. It was great to have him there, even if he wanted to try to steal food from everyone...that Pred makes him so ravenous!

I was so happy to be with my friends, my furkid, and my hubby climbing outside, it was a great day.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quicky Tiggs Update

PCV at 40! Woo hoo. Reduction of Prednisone- WOO HOO! Happy dog, lots more tail wags, longer walks, and a few more Tiggy kisses. Still struggling with weakness in hind quarters...can't jump in Saturn still, and still leaking a little bit, but each day, becoming more and more himself. Even ate his stuffed pig last night. Way to go Tiggs!

I am OCD, ADD, and ODD

Whatever, I can't sit still...and I'm back to climbing, yet I still felt the need to redecorate the kitchen. Starting with a fresh coat of crisp white paint to brighten up the cave like feeling I was having and unblock my bad chi, or whatever you want to call it.

Well, enjoy the pics. I found super cool vintage accessories at the DI thrift might remember my post about my vintage yellow dishes. Now add to that the little turquoise and white bowl, and the cute little side plates on the bottom of my new (actually not new- we bought them 2 years ago for the other house and never mounted them) shelves. Also, moved my cool Lipani's bakery pic to a more visible and prominent location, and also found that cool small wood bowl at the DI- it's beautiful, even matches my big wood bowl on the side board. A good sanding, and some mineral oil really brought out the grain...not bad for a BUCK!

Go ahead, make fun of me, I know I am OCD, ADD, and ODD.

Why Can I NOT Sit Still?

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