Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am OCD, ADD, and ODD

Whatever, I can't sit still...and I'm back to climbing, yet I still felt the need to redecorate the kitchen. Starting with a fresh coat of crisp white paint to brighten up the cave like feeling I was having and unblock my bad chi, or whatever you want to call it.

Well, enjoy the pics. I found super cool vintage accessories at the DI thrift store...you might remember my post about my vintage yellow dishes. Now add to that the little turquoise and white bowl, and the cute little side plates on the bottom of my new (actually not new- we bought them 2 years ago for the other house and never mounted them) shelves. Also, moved my cool Lipani's bakery pic to a more visible and prominent location, and also found that cool small wood bowl at the DI- it's beautiful, even matches my big wood bowl on the side board. A good sanding, and some mineral oil really brought out the grain...not bad for a BUCK!

Go ahead, make fun of me, I know I am OCD, ADD, and ODD.

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Drew Holmes said...

WOW are you trying to make a potter barn catalog?