Monday, September 08, 2008

Maple Canyon

Yesterday, Adam and I went climbing at Maple Canyon with Jaima, Kev, and Amber. It was a super fun crew, and we hooked up with Heath and Rachel S. down there. It was my second time climbing outside in 5 months (last week we went to AF, and toproped with Kev). Well, I felt a lot better this time around, and flashed an 11d, a 12a, and a 12b! Woo hoo! I guess the time off was good for me after all. But, then I was so tired and pumped, I could hardly move, so I layed around with Tiggs, and it was his first time on a climbing day out also in about 5 months. It was great to have him there, even if he wanted to try to steal food from everyone...that Pred makes him so ravenous!

I was so happy to be with my friends, my furkid, and my hubby climbing outside, it was a great day.


Jess Mauzy said...

Glad your hand is feeling better.
Can you shoot me an email at I'd like to have a little pow wow with you about some old Fort Fun stuff, mostly regarding the Red Figure photos, and what that has led to in my artistic endeavors!
thanks a bunch!

shannon said...

Melissa, you're so incredible!

I reeeeaaaally want to go on a long sport climbing trip - maybe in the spring?

Wasatch Girl said...

So fun! So fun! Congrats on you flashing all my projects... you are amazing! =D