Monday, February 23, 2009

New Do Narcissism

Only a talented Aveda stylist could get my Sicilian 'fro straight! I am so impressed, that I had to take some pictures. Anyone who knows me knows that my hair is only ever in a ponytail and the only time it's ever down is when I get it cut and styled. I wish I could afford to get thermal straightening. But for the next few hours until the frizz takes hold, I will wear it down.

And of course, the obligatory Honey and Tiggs cuddling shot.

Special Needs

Our dogs, personal and foster, rely on a lot of medication to stay healthy day to day. We fill four med boxes a week, and it takes a lot of patience, love, and accuracy to make sure that everyone is getting what they need. A year ago, I would have never envisioned needing to provide this kind of care my dogs. I love them all, they are worth it!




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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Good Laugh

I saw this in Wired, and it struck me so funny, about a trademark flap between rival 'fart gadgets' and in case you needed clarification on the phrase 'pull my finger' here it is, courtesy of Kevin Houchin, InfoMedia's lawyer:

The phrase "pull my finger," and derivations thereof, are generally known and widely understood in American society to be a joke or prank regarding flatulence. The prank begins when the prankster senses the deep stirrings of flatulence. The prankster then requests that an unsuspecting person pull [his or her] finger. The prankster extends his index finger to the victim. As the victim pulls the prankster's finger, his flatulence erupts so as to suggest a causal relationship between the pulling of the finger and the subsequent expulsion of gas. In other words, the phrase "pull my finger" is understood to be a description of the act of passing gas.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Foster Dog Honey

Well, through all of my fun volunteer work, I've developed the reputation of a special needs pittie lover. So, today when I got the call about Honey, I couldn't say no!

Honey is 4 years old, and she has a pretty severe case of Hypothyroidism, which incidentally, Tiggs has also been diagnosed with, thanks to his IMHA. Not only that, but Honey has pretty bad allergies and requires a special diet as well as weekley baths. Hmmm, all of this is sounding quite familiar.

We had been talking about trying a foster dog, with the understanding that there would need to be a strict crate and rotate with Winnie, since Winnie is very aggressive. So, we are trying small increments of crate/rotate/crate/rotate. I think it will be challenging, but I like challenge, and I LOVE dogs, so I'm game! Luckily, my awesome, wonderful, SUPERSTAR of a husband is on board too.

Here's Honey. If anyone needs a beautful girl, and isn't afraid of a little medicine and a bath once a week, she is a great family girl. She LOVES other dogs, her and Tiggs were instant friends, and she's a cuddle machine!




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Honey Pot!



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Trying to Organize the Blog!

Hi everyone!

Today I started trying to organize 4 YEARS of blog content. And because my interests and my readers are all over the map, figuratively and literally, I'm experimenting with labels. So far, I have done all blog entries for 2008 and 2009, but haven't gotten past that. When I do, if you are interested only in updates on a particular subject, like say climbing, dogs, or my house, you'll be able to go straight to those posts and skip the extraneous stuff that you could care less about. You can see what I've done so far, but when I get back into 2004 and 2005, it will be quite a task, since that is the year we lived on the road and climbed full time (ahhhh, those were the days). So, this coming week, stay tuned, I will try to continue this mega proj!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The True Story of a Beautiful Spotted Princess- Best Friends Blog Part 2

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess dog named China who lived in an amazing place called Best Friends where all princess dogs are given an unlimited amount of love and care. When China was a young puppy, she found herself in the middle of a big hurricane in Louisiana, like many other dogs who live at Best Friends. It was a very scary time, but China never dwells on this experience, it is after all, what brought her to the magical place called Best Friends.

I first laid eyes on China on the world wide web, and when I saw her beautiful, majestic white body and her perfect right eye patch, I knew that I must meet her when I came to Best Friends. In the weeks leading up to my visit, I got some phone calls that there was going to be a big, very important meeting, and all of the people who work at Best Friends were going to be gone the afternoon of my arrival. They told me that I wouldn't be able to volunteer after all that day, and that I also probably wouldn't be able to take a special dog on an outing or sleepover. I was soooo disappointed, but then a guardian angel named Fredi who works in the volunteer office pulled some strings, and I got permission to pick up a very deserving doggie for an extended outing and sleepover. They asked me who I would like to take. Now, there is no shortage of beautiful princess dogs at Best Friends, but the sweet China was beckoning me, and she was a bit of an enigma, for no one could stop her from moving so fast long enough to take more pictures of her that didn't look like a white streaky blurr.

So, China it was, and my husband and I set off to Amra's to meet this mysterious girl. Along the way, I met two other very special people that I have as my pen pals on the world wide web, McKenzie and Kathy. They, along with Amy, take very special care of all the prince and princess dogs at Amra's.

When we picked China up, I was immediately smitten. For she was so beautiful in person. She looked like the kind of princess doggies that are in movies, and on greeting cards. And, she was so happy to meet us too! It seems that China has a few quirks, shall we say, like ocasionally having an accident in the car, or nibbling on some magical brown pellets on the ground, but she didn't want her outing to be anything less than perfect, so a perfect angel she was.

First we went into town and walked down the main street. There were so many interesting things to see there, you could tell that it was all very unfamiliar. We even saw a mailbox, and for some reason, China was a little nervous. But, China is such a strong girl, and she really trusts her people, because she looked to us for confidence, and we just kept on moving. She showed that mailbox who was boss. We stopped for a smoothie, and all of the people said, 'Wow, what a beautiful girl,' and they stopped to pet her. She really loved all of the attention, and wanted to meet new people.

Then we went hiking to the Great Sand Dunes, where China showed us her Olympic running and jumping skills. She would love so much to have a person that would do more agility and hiking with her! She also has an amazing gift for catching flying snowballs, and then we would sit in the sand, and she would come over and bestow some magical princess doggie kisses on our cheeks. We had the whole place to ouselves, it was a serene, bluebird, beautiful day. China also wanted to show us how she can hurdle the little cattle fences, she leaped up like a gazelle and gracefully landed on the other side.

Later we stopped at a scenic view for more pictures and we all enjoyed the view. China saw a little boy, and she was so very interested in this new creature. We didn't stop to say 'hi' though because China is a very strong princess doggie, and she didn't want to accidentally knock him over when she really just meant to give a hug and kiss.

We picked up dinner in town, and went back to the room. China was pretty tired and very relaxed at this point. She even slept in the car the whole way back! When we arrived, she headed right for the big fluffy bed so she could relax with a nice belly rub and some squeaky toys. We worked on taking toys gently, and she aced this little training with ease. We even worked on her 'leave it' with treats, because her caregivers have really been working on this. She was a perfect A+++ student! She was so mellow and just kind of relaxed and kicked back with her toys. She loved it when we laid with her, and we rubbed her belly, ears, and back, while she just lavished it all. Every know and then, she would gaze up and give us a loving round of kisses. I gave China a pretty pink bandana, and you can tell, she knows she looks beautiful. Everyone who sees her with her new outfit can't help but say how pretty she looks.

I was sad to say goodbye to China that morning, but on Sunday, I went back to her run and Kathy, Adam and I took her into the exercise run so we could play one last time. She is a perfect princess girl, who is so ready for a loving home. I absolutely love and adore her, and I will be thinking of her everyday until I can see her again.

China was a beautiful, mellow girl. She slept all night, very content, and in the morning, she didn't want to wake up. We spent an hour just cuddling and snuggling, and she seemed like there was no place on earth she would rather be. And at that moment, there was no other place on Earth that we wanted to be either.

For many more pictures of China, and the rest of the beautiful dogs of Best Friends, go here:


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another Great Weekend at Best Friends and the Story of Tina Louise

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful striped pit bull named Tina Louise. She found herself in the midst of a hurricane down in Louisiana when she was just two years old. Some people tried to help her, so they brought her all the way to Santa Cruz, California to the SPCA. The nice people there said that she was a very sweet girl, but she was having big problems with other dogs. So they called a place named Best Friends, and Tina Louise made the long journey to Utah.

I first saw Tina Louise on the world wide web. I fell in love with her smile and knew we must meet. When I took my first trip to Best Friends in November of 2008, I met Jeanne and Robin, volunteers extrordinaire. I told them I wanted to meet the stripey dog with the ten million megawatt smile named Tina Louise, and they were ecstatic, because not many people asked about her. That is when we took our first walk together. I made a promise to Tina Louise that I would take her on a sleepover when I returned. For no one had EVER taken Tina Louise on a sleepover in her couple of years at Best Friends.

I tried to get back to Best Friends over New Years, but had many roadblocks in the way. I cried so hard when my trip fell through, because my spirit needed it so badly. But, I knew I'd make it soon. When I did finally arrive back at the Lodges, I immediately asked one of her caregivers if I could spend the night with Tina Louise. She wasn't sure if Tina Louise was on the sleepover list, and for a while there, our night together hung in the balance. When I finally go the go-ahead, Jeanne and I hugged and jumped up and down. We were to drive up that afternoon, right up to Tina Louise's run, to pick her up, because she can't even walk down the road of Dogtown without getting upset.

Tina Louise jumped right into our car, then crawled up into my lap, showering me with kisses and love. I had to push her gently back into the backseat and encourage her to stay there until the car stopped, that we would have lots of time to cuddle once we arrived. On the car ride into town to pick up food, Tina Louise looked contentedly out the window. She seemed to really be taking in the view. I think she loved the red cliffs, and all of the pretty scrubby trees. When I got out of the car, she jumped into my passenger seat to shower my husband Adam with love, as if to say, finally the car stopped, now we can cuddle!

When I got back in the car, it was as if we had been separated far too long, her tail wagged furiously, wagging a swath so wide, she hit herself on her sides! She showered me with affection.

Once back in the room, she jumped right onto the bed. She looked into my eyes, crawled into my arms, and smiled her trademark grin. She looked at me with so much love and happiness, as if to say "thank you so much for choosing me, I've waited so long to spend a night with you, and I can't believe someone finally picked me!"

Tina Louise army crawled in whatever direction we happened to be in the room, and if we went to sit with her, she immediately crawled right into our lap, so happy to be held.

After we ate dinner, the three of us went on a walk. Tina Louise was very curious, but anytime we stopped, she would run back into our arms to get a hug and a kiss. Then we would trod on our way. She was very curious about the deer, but she responded well when we told her to keep moving.

Before bed, she was so content. Every time we touched her, her heart began to pound, and she would pant with excitement. She finally fell asleep between us, on her back and into contented sleep. At around 6 am, I stirred slightly, and rolled over and put my hand on her chest. I must have hit the cuddle switch because she immediately started nuzzling and kissing me and almost crushed me with her love. She was so gentle with all of the treats I bestowed on her, and when I gave her a little rawhide chewy, she let me stick my fingers in her mouth without a peep. I kissed her face, her ears, and even picked her up and she didn't mind any excuse to be touched.

I can't say enough about Tina Louise. I think she has a bit of a 'wild child' reputation, and living in the very last run at the Lodges with a red collar dog limits her exposure to volunteers. But Tina Louise is the most loving and affectionate dog I have ever met. She is bursting at the seems with love and happiness, and she would relish and love the opportunity to spend any time with a volunteer, especially a sleepover. I do think Tina Louise would love children, however she doesn't realize her power when she crawls into your arms to cuddle. Tina Louise would make someone the perfect, loyal, devoted affectionate dog, and she would be forever grateful to have a person to love and call her own.

Please, go meet Tina Louise, take her on a sleepover or outing and get her away from the hustle and bustle of Dogtown, and see what a truly amazing girl she is.