Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keep Tiggs in your thoughts

We seem to have a small backslide with Tiggs, his PCV dropped five points since last week, the first drop since he was diagnosed in July.

Natrually, we are really, really worried. He didn't eat his food last night or today, and seems more tired than normal. Dr. Lynette has a full panel of labs that will come back tomorrow, and hopefully shed some insight as to what could be causing this drop, as it's not entirely common for a dog that's been stable and had no med reductions to slide backwards at this stage. One possible theory is a reaction to one of his immunosuppressive drugs.

Please wish him well and keep him in your thoughts, we will update more as we know it.


beachbungalow8 said...

bless his heart. my thoughts go out to you guys.

Rich Wheater said...

Tiggsy we all LOVE YOU buddy!

Wasatch Girl said...

Oh dear! I am putting out the positive vibes from Kentucky!

shannon said...

We need updates out here in internet-land! How is he doing? Hope he's pulling through!!