Monday, September 22, 2008

The End of an Era

Well, with great emotion, I am here to tell you that my tacoma has been sold....I've owned LuLu for over 10 years, and learned to drive her stick shift tranny with my dad while home from college one summer, as he screamed at me constantly, "YOU'RE POPPING THE CLUTCH!!!!"
It was time, though. LuLu had 170,000 miles on her, though she showed no signs of slowing down. And yes, the flippac went with her. She is on to new adventures with her new owner who is a wildlife bio major, so she will likely get to take many more exciting and beautiful trips. And, as Obe Carrion told me during HERA, which cracked me up, "she smells like HARD LIVIN'" So true.... So what did we replace her with you ask? A sexy, FAST Subaru Legacy GT 2.5 TURBO wagon with a Cobb short shifter (read: race car), and all tan leather interior, ABS, AWD, sexiness. Now I need a radar detector! Pics coming soon.
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Wasatch Girl said...

Sigh. Sorry to hear about seeing the truck go, but congrats on the new Subaru. Can't wait to see pics!

Drew Holmes said...

ahhhhh goodbye old friend.....lets see the new car!!!