Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Martha Stewart





Every now and then I get a wild crafty hair up my butt. I have been searching out new dog collars for my crew, and I always seem to have champagne taste on a beer budget- with everything!

I asked my artsy friend Catherine at work if she knew anyone that made cool custom blingy dog collars, and she said, 'why don't you just make one?' Huh...could I?

I went to the Leather Craft store...scoff if you will. There were really nice, albeit interesting people that work there, and are into Leathercraft. Braveheart was playing on a screen in the back, and a group of teenagers were working on projects like a giant leather shield.

With an open mind, Craig, the very large (he told me you have to be fat to go behind the counter), very nice guy working there, gave me an hour and a half lesson on how to make a collar, which is apparently a 'good beginners project.'

We chose my supplies, decided on purple with pink crystals and domed rivets, and off I went. Adam made fun of me and didn't believe I'd do it. Anyone here who knows me shouldn't be surprised that I'll try anything at least once. Why not?

Hope you like how my first project turned out. Honey is blinged, and I will design another for Tiggs and Winn next.
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alison said...

ooh oooh! Can Ginger get one?

woofslc said...

Hi Alison! I've got to make one for Tiggs and Winn first, then maybe you can come over and we can do it together over some beers, it's fun!

J V said...

More spikes!

woofslc said...

hey john,

i'll make one for peanut with HUGE spikes!!

Drew Holmes said...

I know Jennelle has been to pottery places for birthday parties now I have a new idea :)

adam and melissa said...

Oh yeah, for sure, Jennelle would love it, she's crafty like that.

Wasatch Girl said...

Huh... I want to make one. Can we have a collar making night?

Emily Setzer said...

Very cool! I'm definitely going to try this.