Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rain, rain, GO AWAY

Good thing we came to the desert to escape the rain...NOT> It has been raining for days! We are starting to go crazy, and there is no place to hide because bad weather is everywhere in the Southwest. Here are some pics from a day where we got a window of climbing in. Otherwise, we continue to read, sightsee, and drive each other crazy. Send us some emails to keep us busy.

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Drew Holmes said...

You guys should sign up for a roving call in show called "where the rain is!!!" on the weather channel. Its like you are those crazy tornado chasers but you are chasing downpours. Maybe you should be looking at a barometer instead of the ballet schedule at the community schedule. (this rant has been sent in the spirit of what I think Scotty would say) Thanks for the inspiration bro!!!