Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Is anyone as obsessed about the Olympics as I am? Well, for one, I am glued to the gymnastics. The mens team came away with the bronze medal that no one thought they would ever get, and I can't wait to watch the women's team finals tonight.

Daria Bijak of the Utah Utes competed for her native Germany, which did not qualify for the women's team finals, however, if you have a minute, watch the top video on my video bar to watch her absolutely amazing floor routine. THIS WOMAN COMPETES FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH! For shitsake, she is so rad, I can't even tell you. Go to see a Utes meet this winter and you will see why we have been the NCAA runners up. The routine she is competing in the short video is her at the Olympics competing the same floor exersise reoutine she performs for her collegiate routine- the difficulty and tricks she throws are unheard of at the collegiate level. WATCH IT PEOPLE! You won't be dissappointed.

ARGHH-PS> It appears as though the video of Daria was possibly removed from YouTube...damn NBC copyrights! So, sorry if you missed it, hopefully it will repost on my video bar if and when it becomes available.

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shannon said...

i stayed up WAY past my bedtime last night watching the men's team finals. those dudes are insanely strong. psyched to watch the ladies tonight!