Monday, August 11, 2008

What's Up?

Just finished the buying frenzy for BD at the Outdoor Retailer trade show, what a scene! Really, how many pair of capri pants can one look at before going postal? Not really any crazy cool new products to report, other than the Mammut Smart belay device, which will be sick, and really pretty cheap at a retail price of 29 bucks. Also, I like the new BD Orbit lamp, which is a cute little lantern that fits in your pocket. Lastly, the new Five Ten Women's Daescent and Guide Tennie will be the approach shoes of choice this fall.

Other than the crazy amount of work, Tiggs is doing so well! His PCV today was between 37 and 38. We are getting lots more tail wags and taking 20 minute walks daily to get his stamina up. His weight is coming back, but his head is a bit skeletal looking from the way that the Pred causes muscle wasting.

I went to the gym last week for an easy climbing session, and felt like sheee-ottt. Now, gotta get back in there so I don't feel so bad this fall when LCC starts getting good. I did still feel the tendon, mostly in the palm of my hand. So, still a long, long road on the mend for that one. But, I think I can do some easy stuff for now just so I am moving.

No exciting house pj's currently, as all monetary funds have gone towards massive vet bills. My wood floor savings has been deposited into the Bank of Tiggs. I really wouldn't have it any other way, but I was looking forward to ripping out our carpet. Maybe next Spring...

Oh and Wendy and Dave had a baby boy Luke, and Andy and Laurel had a baby girl, Kaia. Congrats to all my friends!

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