Sunday, August 03, 2008

Fort Fun

They don't call it that for nothing! Ft. Collins was just what the doctor ordered, literally! Our wonderful friends Jay and Traci finally tied the knot, and dammit, my batteries were dead for their incredible wedding and reception. Trac and Jay have been great friends and climbing partners over the years, I'm so happy we could share their day.

Coming back to Ft. Collins was so good for us, it was a wonderful homecoming, and it seemed like at every turn, we ran into a familiar and friendly face, from the minute we pulled into town, until we left. Many people came back into town and my friend Rick said it best: it was a reunion of people from the heyday of the Ft. Collins climbing scene.

Many of you have asked about Tiggs, and all I can say is that he had an amazing turn around while we were there. We were lucky enough to consult with CSU vet teaching hospital, and they spent 3 hours with us. They were great about consulting Tiggs' vet here, and they agreed that his treatment is on the right track. Not only that, but his blood work was great while we were there, and his energy seemed to triple! Also, we were able to reduce his meds slightly, which will help us manage some of the less desireable side effects he is experiencing (can you say diaper pull-ups???).

Thanks for all of the well wishes with Tiggs; he keeps reminding us to take it one day at a time. His liver is enlarged from the meds that he takes, and he is at risk of developing a clot, but overall, if we stay on the right track, we are hopefully close to a balance of drugs that will help Tiggs stay healthy without too many problems.


Jess Mauzy said...

I love reading about your cute house and your fun adventures. So sorry to hear that your pupsters is sick but it's nice that his big sis is caring for him.
Reading about and seeing your visit to Fort Collins makes me so nostalgic for that place. I haven't been there is over 5 years and I certainly feel the pull.
Hope your pooch feels better soon.
jessica e. m.

shannon said...

meleeeesa, what are your fall climbing plans looking like? still thinking black mountain/tram at some point? if you aren't going to be back into climbing yet by sept., maybe you should come hang out in yosemite in oct/nov...

shannon said...

and i'm so glad tiggy man is feeling more spry

adam and melissa said...

Thanks Jess! It certainly was fun to be there, it's packed full of many, many good memories!

adam and melissa said...


I still want to come! I'm going to try climbing tomorrow! It's been 3.5 months, geesh, I'm fat and lazy now!

I'll keep ya posted, promise!

Drew Holmes said...

Glad to see Tiggs is still doing well, I had a great visit with you guys thanks! Jennelle looks great with the Groucho Marx glasses you sent her..sending a pic tonight!