Sunday, November 15, 2009

Right About Now

We need THIS for Honey:

Her shit still is messed UP- limping, and the new freakish repair is still shifting a few degrees each week. We've been xraying her weekly, she is now radioactive. She lives in a pen. My poor dog. If I can come up with 250 bones, this baby will be hers! Then she could have some fun adventures. If any creative, handy friends want to try to make this out of a converted kid stroller, let me know, I'll pay ya!


Drew Holmes said...

check craigslist for "chariot" brand baby strollers as they convert into one of these and can also be pulled on a bike or even have skis attaches to Adam could pull her skiing

woofslc said...

oh man, i found one and it was $750>>>>>>????????? Yikes. Back to the drawing board...McGyver anyone??

Wasatch Girl said...

Did Honey ever start liking these? If so, Jen said you could definitely use her baby jogger / bike trailer.
Hope Honey is well.
Kiss her for me.