Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Blogging skills really blow...

Well my friend Shannon prodded me nearly two weeks ago, and I guess I hadn't really even noticed it's been about 5 weeks since my last post.

Hmmm. Ok, cool things that have happened:

1. Went to Portland to see the Holmes family...saw cutest niece Jennelle and nephews Reece and Trevor...absolutely in love with them, they ROCK

2. Lipani parentals visited. They are fun to have around, lot's of eating and drinking, and they might retire in Mesquite; read all of you climbing buddies: warm bed, awesome food, and showers when in the St. George area!!!!!

3. My good friend Kim 'hired' me to design her new bedroom. I LOVE interior design, so this was my dream 'job'. Kim is easy, and had a decent budget. We did lighting, bedding, furniture, paint, accessories, the whole looks SWEEEEEET. And, if she ever gives me pics, I can post 'before's and after's'.

4. One of my favorite Utah Ute's Daria Bijak made the German Olympic Gymnastics team....friggin' sweeeeet times a bajillion. Stay tuned in August for the Beijing Games.

5. I ordered and am anxiously awaiting for this lamp: I LOVE LAMP!!!!!

6. Lastly, and this is definitely lame and NOT cool, I'm still injured...WTF???!!!! Hoping to be climbing by July 1st...send healing thoughts and voodoo magic my way, please and thank you.

Now for some cheesy pics.

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Sara said...


I totally miss you - I've been reading all along, but couldn't comment for some reason.

I covet that lamp. It's great - especially with the couch full of pillows!

Not sure if you know this or not, but I had baby #2 - would love to "tal" to you - please email me!

s dot steinwachs at comcast DOT net