Friday, June 13, 2008

Pole Fitness

Last night, I did something I had been dying to try for ages! I went to a Pole Fitness class at Studio Soiree, right in my neighborhood. Check it out:

My good friend Rachel knew I had been dying to try it, and she got us a deal on an intro class through a girl who recently started climbing at the Front.

Rachel and I not only had a fabulous time, but it was one of THE BEST workouts I have had in a long time. Think of it like vertical yoga or pilates, and extremely complimentary for climbing. The poles were TALL too (about 15 feet I'd say), these women were strong, sexy, and fearless, and there was absolutely nothing scandalous about it. The teacher, Niki, was totally ripped and she had some killer moves.

There was even a guy in the class! I would recommend this type of class for all of the climbers I know, and go with an open mind and you will get worked!

A couple of tips:

1. Do NOT apply lotion prior to class or you will slide down the pole and likely hit your head or ass on the floor
2. DO apply some sort of self tanner to your milky white thighs at least a few days before class
3. DO expect the skin between your legs and behind your knees to get raw
4. DO expect to have fun and get really sore


Drew Holmes said...

yeah I think you should get a pole installed at your house.... :)

JohnClimbRok said...

"absolutely nothing scandalous about it"