Monday, October 05, 2009

New Mobile

I love this simple, cool modern mobile from CB2. It's an injection of cool, mid century style that will only cost you $20, but have a big impact in your space. If you have noticed my Flickr bar in the upper right corner, you may have already seen this pic, if not, enjoy, I think that there are a lot of inexpensive ways that you can brighten up your space.

Any reader favorites for punchy, inexpensive decor?


mdpart2 said...

Will you invite me over already?! You have so much cool stuff that I HAVE to see.

woofslc said...

Yes, Mikey, come over! Come have some drinks and appys one night! And yes, help me promote Pinups event, put it on your Facebook, or whatever that new fangled thing is that all the kids are doing.

Wasatch Girl said...

Wow... love it!