Sunday, October 11, 2009

Honey's Recovery Day 3 Post Surg

Wow, Honey seems to be forgetting that she has Frankenknees...she just wants to moooove. She's annoyed that her area is restricted, and she has become very vocal to let me know about it. We have been walking several times a day to the corner and back (maybe 100 feet?). She isn't allowed to be near Tiggs for fear they will try to play...this will be tough, they are best buds, and they cannot play for 4 months! They will be able to walk next to each other however, on leash only.

We don't start rehab for another week and a half...I'm wondering what I am going to do to keep us all from going stir crazy. Meanwhile, Adam's been walking Tiggs and Winn and making sure they are getting out.

This pic was taken this morning from Honey's new lookout post by the front door. It's about the only excitement she is allowed.


Wasatch Girl said...

Oh dang... she can't play with Tiggs for 4 months! Eek!

Glad she is doing well!

woofslc said...

You have to come over today or tomorrow, we're all stir crazy!