Friday, October 09, 2009

Honey's Surgery Day 1

Honey is a BRAVE girl! She got through her surgeries yesterday with flying colors. Now we begin the long healing process. Honey's ACL's and CCL's were gone, and her meniscuses were torn and calcified. Dr. Dale Smith put Honey back together again by performing a bilateral TPLO surgery. Doing both knees at once has advantages and disadvantages. Right now, Honey is trying to stand up and walk, naturally this is difficult since two of her four legs are stapled and screwed together.

We will just take her recovery one day at a time, and she is a brave little trooper. She loves her food, and we're making her special meals that are extra, extra yummy. We also will be icing her throughout the day to help reduce her swelling.

Thanks for the good wishes!

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Wasatch Girl said...

I was just getting ready to call and ask how she is doing. Oh poor Honey. I have never seen a picture of her not smiling. Give her a kiss for me. I will call you later (after I go out climbing) .. if you are around I would love to come see her.