Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Made it One Week!

Tiggs is such a good boy! His full blood panel showed that his body is 'turned on' now from all of the meds. This means that he has been producing new baby red blood cells called Reticulocytes. His PCV is still holding, and has even crept up ever so slightly. We'd like it to go up much faster, but Dr. Lynette feels his body is working as hard as it can. Today his PCV was between twenty five and 26. The lowest end of normal would be thirty seven, so we have a ways to go. It could take a long time, but we hope not. I had to type twenty five and thirty seven because my keyboard at work is malfuntioning!

Anyways, he is still so tired. Not really moving much, but his eyes are more open and his ears have perked up a little. He even lifted his leg to pee! Oh, about that though...he is drinking so much and the Pred ramps up the pee so fast, that he continues to have some accidents. It's ok, though, we don't mind...He is at least trying to get to the door, it's just hard when you can't move real fast.

He's gotten lots of love and toys. His friend Laurel even gave him a cute squeaky pig and some squeaky balls. He really appreciated it!

Thanks for all the well wishes.


Drew Holmes said...

coming to see you TIGGS!~~~~~!!!!

Jaima and John ... and alot of Mitchell said...

Stay strong little man! You'll be out thuggin with Loco in no time.

shannon said...

glad to hear he's hangin' tough.

everyone else out here in CA who's met him (John, Becky, Casey) is rooting for him too.

Rich Wheater said...

My Tiggsy, he's on da team!