Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Numbers Game- Sunday

Tiggs had a lot of ups and downs yesterday. In the morning, he had held steady with his count at 27, and he was really excited when Jaima and John, Tina and Joe, and his Uncle Kev all came to visit. He got a really cute sheep from Jaima and John, and a beautiful, colorful photo collage that his Aunt Tina made from a beautiful picture she recently snapped of him. His spirits really lifted.

I think he got really tired from all of the excitement, and he had an accident later in the day because he was too tired to let us know that he had to go. When we brought him to the vet for his check last night at 10pm, his levels had dropped 2 points to a 25. Of course, that is not the direction we want to go in.

This morning he went back to the vet, and his am number is still at 25. We are really worried that it hasn't climbed yet, but Dr. Woodworth said that it is good that it hasn't dropped. So, another check tonight at 7pm, and he will get lots of love and food today to try to bolster him.

Please keep thinking positive for him!

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