Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update on Tiggs- Saturday

Yesterday morning, Tiggs' levels were holding steady. By 5:30, however, they dropped a few points, which is somewhat to be expected, however, very disconcerting and stressful. He was very tired all day and would not get up at all, but when his Aunt Wendy came over with treats, he got up to greet her, gave her a kiss, and even a tail wag. These are things I will never again take for granted.

Because his levels had dropped a few points, our vet suggested we go back to the Hospital again at night for another blood test. Tiggs is always a little more alert there, probably because there is always alot going on. He even met another little dog who was also just diagnosed with IMHA. His levels were holding steady at the hospital, so his vet there decided he could come home again last night. He did get a shot for nausea, because he hasn't held anything down.

Once we got back home last night, the nausea meds must have helped, because he actually ate a little bit of food on his own, instead of Adam and I having to force feed him. He even jumped in the bed (upon invitation of course) for a few hours of nighttime cuddles.

This morning he is somewhat alert, but still needed some help to go outside and relieve himself. He is still urinating blood, which is very stressful for us. He will soon get the rest of his morning meds, which include a high dose of Prednisone (a steroid), plus Azathioprine (an immunosuppressive), plus an antibiotic, and Pepcid to help protect his tummy. We will also go to the vet at about 9 am for his morning blood count.

All of our hope seems to hinge on this one number: A Packed Cell Volume (PCV) test. Normal is between 37 and 55.

When Tiggs was diagnosed, his was at a 10. As of last night, he was holding at 27. Keep your thoughts with him, he is fighting so hard!

Thank you all!

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Drew Holmes said...

see ya on Friday Tiggs