Friday, July 25, 2008


Yesterday was a little quiet. The vet was closed, and Tiggs was very, very tired. He perked up a little towards that later part of the day, but I will admit that I was quite worried that he might be sliding back a little bit.

But, when we went to the vet today, Tiggs PCV had jumped between 28.5 and 29! Yayyyyy! Good progress, and definitely in the right direction. I was so happy, I screamed and clapped in the office. He is still so tired, but we are seeing a few more tail wags and even a little kiss from him on my nose!

Keep the good thoughts our way, it's working!

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slcpink said...

Hey Melissa and Adam. You know I never check my gmail messages, but today I took a peek and just found out about Tiggs... I am so sorry, but happy to hear now that he is responding to the meds... Here I am in Tanzania, sitting in an internet cafe tearing up about your furkid ... oh, the hazing I would get if the locals knew! They don't even have dogs here! I think I've seen 2 dogs in four weeks time ... Good luck and you've got a boatload of good thoughts coming from Africa!!