Friday, April 11, 2008

Upcoming movies

My dad just visited last weekend, and it went like this: Eat, drink, nap, repeat...We took a lot of video footage so we can make a tutorial on making homeade spaghetti and meat sauce, we just have to figure out how to edit it.

As for climbing, finally things are looking good weather wise- hit up Echo Canyon yesterday to climb routes with my friend Tarris. We froze, and my cold got really bad today. This weekend looks good for Joe's, and I am excited to climb in a tank top. I've trained really hard in the gym this winter, and I'd really like it to payoff outside now that the Spring is here.

Hopefully we'll have cool pics/vid to post soon!


shannon said...

Have fun in Joe's, I know you'll kill it!

I would love to be out there - Utah is so incredible- Nexant does have a branch in SLC... I think I'd have to convince my folks to come too, cause otherwise my mom wouldn't let me go.

Drew Holmes said...

cant wait for the vids those should be good.