Saturday, April 26, 2008

In Mourning

Well, it is both with great pride, and great anguish that I have to report my beloved Utes took 2nd place in the NCAA championships. They had a phenominal season, and under the most difficult of circumstances competing at a raucous enemy arena (Georgia), they took the runner up spot for the third year in row. Georgia once again dominated, this time on their own home turf.

In addition to that, Ashley Postell, the most successful, decorated college gymnast in NCAA history, couldn't pull off the All Around competition that she was favored to win, taking second to former olympian and UCLA standout Tascha Schwikert.

The Utes and Ashley are still #1 in my book, and they deserve all of the credit for having an inspiring and successful season, being the only team in NCAA history to not count one fall all season, and going 17-1 during the regular season.


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