Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun with the gals (and our special male guest star!)

Well, I wanted to post some really cute pics of Jaima and Rachel, but these are the only ones that Jaima emailed me, so you will have to link to Jaima's blog to see the rest. Here a couple really fun problems in LCC. The first one is a great "easy" slab, it always gives you a little flutter at the top because it feels kind of high and scary (it really isn't, it just feels like it when you are standing on a crystal the size of a pin head!).
This is a pic of a super fun, technical problem called Seams Easy. Jaima has a pic on her blog that shows her pressing it out, and that is the essence of the problem- pressing in a dihedral while you are basically horizontal, very yoga-like! Check it out. It has really meant a lot to me lately to have fun women to climb with around here. On this day, Rachel, Jaima, Cerre and I (with Kevin as our special male guest star) worked on this problem. It has been awesome to train in the gym with Rach, climb routes at Echo with Jaima, and also my friend Tarris, and then have a chance to get out with them for a couple of hours in LCC. I'm looking forward to climbing more this summer with all of these gals!
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