Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Food Rulz

Many of my dedicated readers (all 2 of them) and friends and family know I like to eat. I just love sweets especially, but I really like to eat just about anything. I just saw a new bakery has opened near where I work at Black Diamond. I can't wait to check it out. It's called So Cupcake, and they have a heartwarming story.

Check it out:

While we are on the topic, other SLC hotspots for treats include:

Hatch Family Chocolates- the BEST chocolate..try the dipped pretzel, my favorite-,1249,635201855,00.html

Les Madeleines- you have to try their Quoing Aman (I know I butchered the spelling)-

Crumb Brothers- the most delicious seeded baguettes EVER-

Pierre's Country French- the BEST almond croissants- huge and buttery with tons of almonds


Drew Holmes said...

hope your finger is ok.....hatch cocoa is ok but where is that hot chocolate that I wake up at night thinking about????? OHHHHHHHH its the best I have ever had. see ya in a few weeks

shannon said...

I love that you're blogging about pastries and chocolate. I love that I have friends who love to eat yummy stuff - it would suck if I had girlfriends who were on lame diets.

I never got to go to Hatch, so you have to promise to take me next time!

adam and melissa said...

Drew- it's the Cocoa Cafe that you love!

Shannon- I promise to take you to Hatch's!

And, I've gone to So Cupcake, and it was so good! Cute family, delicious cupcakes, and you can even get 'mini's' so you can try out as many as you want. I'm in trouble, it's so close to my work!