Sunday, April 20, 2008

Projects on a shoestring!

I really like doing projects. Even now that I live in a house that really doesn't require projects, I still think it's fun to reinvent your spaces to make them more enjoyable and livable. Today we put a new track light in the laundry room to brighten it up. We also put a white laminate table top over the washer and dryer to create more useable space. It had a side benefit of lightening up the room, defintely in conjunction with the new light.

Total cost for this pj:

$25 for track light (IKEA)
$15 for white laminate counter top (as-is room at IKEA).

Add it up, and you have a cool laundry update for 40 bucks...

While we're on the bargain subject, I LOVE Craigslist. I sell everything on there you can imagine, and I'm always on the hunt for a good find. Last week I sold some nice maple blinds that we removed while painting, and no longer had a use for. I sold 6 of them for $50- hopefully they were psyched on their bargain...

That same day, I hit the jackpot and fount a gorgeous balau wood and stainless patio table for $50! Actually, it was $65, but the guy accepted my offer of 50...So, the revolving door of Craigslist keeps spinning, and I am so happy with my transactions.

Enjoy the pics of my happy home makeovers.

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Drew Holmes said...

yeah that room looks better than the debacle of putting them in there. and yes I like the table