Saturday, January 03, 2009

In New York

Hello faithful readers,

I have hit the pause button on the blog, due to a family medical emergency. My mom has undergone a lung surgery to remove a large cyst that had collapsed her lung on Christmas day. She is doing very well currently, and we hope she will come home from the hospital early this week. They were able to do her entire surgery through three small incisions and a camera! She is such a strong woman, and in good spirits all things considered. Keep her in your thoughts, and I will return to Salt Lake around January 20th.

In the meantime, have a look at these latest volunteer pics from the last No More Homeless Pets adoption event last weekend. Aisha is available to foster and/or ADOPT :)


Drew Holmes said...

best to mom and we will keep the house clean next week, big bro

shannon said...

Hope your mom is ok and recovering quickly

Melissa and Jimmy said...

Give my best to your mom and dad! Thinking of you! Hugs, Melissa

Wasatch Girl said...

What is the update on your mom?

adam and melissa said...

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for asking, I'm still here in NY and Adam has been the guest blogger!

My mom is doing very well, they were able to do her whole surgery endoscopically 2 weeks ago. They were able to reinflate her lung, remove her cyst (it was quite large) and secure the lung to the chest wall. So, she's back home getting stronger everyday, and over the coming weeks and months, she should have a full recovery.

Hope all is well on the road!

Erin said...

Meliss~ I hope your mom is doing better - how scary! Please give her my best...