Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Fantastic Article in Sports Illustrated

I know lately, a lot of this blog has been centering about dogs...specifically pitties.  I've been volunteering for No More Homeless Pets and Best Friends, and of course, having two rescued pittie mixes of my own, clearly this is close to my heart.  I have been following the stories of a lot of dogs, and I am hoping to adopt another rescued pittie in the future (though not while Sweet Winn is of this earth).  I, like many, have been captivated by the stories of the Vick(tory) Dogs that have ended up at Best Friends, and Bad Rap, another fantastic dog rescue out of the Bay Area.

This article was in Sports Illustrated today, and I think it's a great one.  It chronicles not only the horror that these dogs endured, but the hope they now have.  You will also see in print, PETA's stance- if you don't remember reading this on this very blog previously, I'll recap:  PETA believes in Breed Specific Legislation, and that pit bulls should be euthanized.  Sickening and oh-so-ironic.

Anyways, please read this article  in SI today online and be sure the check out the photo gallery if you have a chance- it will enlighten you not only to the plight of the Vicktory Dogs, but to the tradgedy of dog fighting in general, and the important work of the rescues involved.

Also, if any of you readers have cable, tomorrow on the National Geographic Channel, they will run a marathon of the show Dogtown, which chronicles many of the 500 various rescued dogs living at Best Friends.   Adam and I will be volunteering again January 1-4 in Kanab at Dogtown, and I am counting the minutes.

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