Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love Neko Case

Aside from her hypnotic voice and badass lyrics, she is donating $5 to Best Friends per blog post of her new song and one dollar per download of the song (free to you to download!). If you are a blogger, please consider adding this link to your blog.

Please go here to listen and download:

Here is the original post at

The promotion will run from January 13 to February 3, 2009. Five dollars will be donated for every blog post and one dollar for every user of iLike that adds the song to his/her profile. Details and instructions after the break.

People Got A Lotta Nerve - Neko Case

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2009, Best Friends Animal Society is one of America’s foremost animal rescue organizations. Founded in 1984, Best Friends advances nationwide animal welfare initiatives by working with shelter and rescue groups around the country. On any given day Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the nation’s largest facility for abused, abandoned and special needs companion animals located in southwestern Utah, is home to approximately 2,000 dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, and other animals. The society also publishes Best Friends magazine, the nation’s largest general interest, pet-related magazine with approximately 300,000 subscribers. For more information, visit


How do I post on my blog?
Every time a blog reposts “People Got A Lotta Nerve” by Neko Case, we will donate five dollars to the Best Friends Foundation. Here’s how to participate:

There are two ways ANTI will know you reposted the track. If your blog is currently being registered in Google Blog Search, Technorati, The Hype Machine or, we will automatically be able to find it. If not, please email with your blog post information and we will be sure to add you to the list of participating donors.

To find out if your blog has made it on the list, please visit and see the list of participating blogs on the left hand column under “Neko Case: Blog For Charity.” There you can also find available assets to help you with your post.

Post any of the following links to your blog

People Got A Lotta Nerve - Neko Case

How do I Ilike “People Got A Lotta Nerve”

Ilike “People Got A Lotta Nerve” by Neko Case and we will automatically donate a dollar on your behalf to Best Friends Foundation. Here’s how to do it:

1) Go To Neko Case’s Ilike profile here
2) Select “People Got A Lotta Nerve” under Featured Songs
3) Click “Ilike” in between Album and Send

Additional Artist Assets:
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