Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Melissa's Mad Skills Get a Shoutout!

I love checking in on Grassroots Modern every now and then, almost as much as I love obssessing over Craigslist and All of my friends know that I love bargain hunting and I love when people charge me with finding them a sweet deal on that rare or hard to find thing. Creede mentioned on his blog that he was looking for some Emeco chairs but didn't want to spend the ridiculous price of 400/chair that retailers like DWR charge. I found authentic ones some on for 70/chair and let him know. He promptly snagged them, and gave me a shoutout today:

If anyone else needs anything, let me know, I'm always on the hunt. But beware, I might beat you to the punch if it's supa-cool!


Drew Holmes said...
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K said...

Great job on the chairs! I'm dying for a Nakashima like coffee table. Pretty please if you can find one.

adam and melissa said...

I'll do my best! Sometimes those really cool things can be hard to find in SLC, but you never know! I'll keep my eyes open.


adam and melissa said...

Dear K:

I don't have your email, but I found a coffee table that you might like at Elemente on Pierpont- it's a cool wood slab on three hairpin mid century style legs. Super cool, it's got quite the varnish on it, but I bet it could be sanded to a more natural look. She wants $175 for it.

Hope you get to check it out!


K said...


You rock, I live in Ogden, but will try to get down there this weekend to check it out. My direct e-mail is Thanks so much! -Kristi

You should do a section on your blog of just great finds - I'm sure you'd get tons of hits. Of course, then they'd be more competition for all that cool stuff!

james said...

Hi Melissa,
Im hankering for those same emeco navy chairs...can you help me?
ps I'm in Brooklyn...

adam and melissa said...

Hi James,

Thanks for stopping by. I will keep an eye out, but living in Brooklyn you have WAY more at your disposal than me, here in SLC, but I'll keep an eye- I'm sure you have, but check your local Craigslist, I bet your CL is stacked with good finds!

I love your furniture designs, BTW, I just stopped over at your blog.