Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Annual Salt Lake City Neighborhood Clean Up

Adam finally got around to cleaning our house today, boy we had a lot of shit to throw out. Just kidding, it's that time of year when Salt Lake City picks up residents junk piles. The clean up rules are simple: put a 20ft long by 5ft wide and 5ft tall (there is a lot of rule bending as you can see from this picture) up to 10 days ahead of your neighborhoods pick up week, and the city hauls it away free of charge. In some ways, this is a disturbing phenomena- yesterday I had to chase out a bat-ass crazy old lady who was scattering garbage all over the street trying to find a "key" which she did in fact find, and then proceeded to attempt to break into my deceased neighbors vacant home, but all in all, a lot of recycling happens, as big pick up trucks comb the streets in search of metal to scrap, or cool vintage furniture than might have made its' way into someones pile. Two years ago, I salvaged two teak chairs from the very house we now live it (prior to us buying it).

If you can deal with the interesting garbage collectors, er...recyclers combing through the trash, it's kind of an entertaining couple of weeks.

Oh, by the way, this is NOT our trash pile...
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Drew Holmes said...

aren't you the crazy lady looking through the trash and redecorating your house????

adam and melissa said...