Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, I haven't posted this tidbit of info, because I am in complete denial, but last Thursday I injured my self climbing, AGAIN! After missing all of the Spring and Summer (four long months!) due to a tendon injury on my left hand/forearm, I did nearly the identical thing to my right hand/forearm. It's a really bummer, because I've been climbing well for the last six weeks. In fact, I floated a long time project, only to botch the top out, and then on one of the next goes, I injured it on the opening moves. Normally I try to keep a good attitude about injuries, after all, they are a part of the game, this one really bums me out because I just came back!

Well, I'm seeing an ortho doc this time and getting PT. They put battery-powered steroid patches on me, and do ultrasound, heat and massage. Plus, I'm dosing loads of ibu, with heat and ice, and taking MSM/gluco. I'm determined for this to heal in a very expedited manner.

The doc thinks that the tendon didn't rupture at all, but rather the juncture in the forearm where the flexor tendon joins to the muscle belly. In fact, she thinks it's more muscle related that tendon. It's not like that is any better or worse, but it does get good blood flow. So, I may be able to climb sooner, but would have to take it EASY. That's quite a slippery slope for me! Well, I'll keep you all posted, and hope to be back in action quicly.


shannon said...

SHIT. You need to take up crack climbing! I'm bummin' for you, take care and good luck with your recovery - hope it's a SPEEDY one.

Drew Holmes said...

that blows....start doing lunges and get ready to your legs work