Friday, August 28, 2009

Reflecting on Katrina- the Canine Cost

It's been 4 years since Hurricane Katrina pounded the Gulf Coast. So many people are still struggling to rebuild their lives and homes. New Orleans will never be the same, nor the many other surrounding affected communities.

Reflecting on all of this, I'm reminded naturally of what became of peoples beloved pets. Sadly, so many dogs lost their lives and homes during the storm. Despite heroic efforts, many people were never reunited with their pets, and this thought breaks my heart.

Not Left Behind is the story of the rescue told by Best Friends and photographed by Troy Snow.

Many animals went to rescues and sancturaries all over the country. Best Friends took a large number of these dogs, and at present, there are 28 adoptable dogs listed on the Adoptables page at the Sanctuary. There are actually many more than that, because they are not all posted at the present, and many arrived recently from another rescue that closed it's doors.

I can't help but think how broken hearted I would be if I had lost everything during that fateful storm, and then was left to wonder what became of my furry family members. I don't think I would ever sleep soundly knowing that they could be alive out there and not in my arms. What if I lacked the resources to try to find them? My heart would always have an empty void.

Please consider helping out these animals by sponsoring or adopting them. Because I work so frequently with pitty bulls, here are some of my favorite Katrina dogs residing at the Sanctuary.

Four long years later, and these beautiful dogs are left wondering where their families are and who might give them another chance.

photos by yours truly

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