Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chairs Make Me Giddy



I admit, I have a furniture addiction. Here are my latest: Bertoia (shameless) knockoffs, found at a sadly now bank owned modern furntiture store in Bend- no sales tax, and extremely cheap, too good to pass up. And, new happy orange Ikea chairs..these are one of the coolest chairs at Ikea I think.

Yes, I'm a Chairfag (a great chair blog name): because you are gay for chairs...yes, that's the tagline of that said blog, but oh so true.
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KatieGirlBlue said...

I guess that makes me a fabric fag.

How are those IKEA chairs holding up outdoors? We looked at them, but wondered about how they'd stand up to the evil star.

adam and melissa said...

hi katie!

lol! we all have our addictions I guess. I like fabric too, but not as much as furniture!

so far, so good on the chairs, but our yard is very, very shaded and we haven't had them too long. I like them b/c they are easy to clean and look cool, they even have the drain hole in the seat.

JoeP said...

Chairfag! Love it. And I have to agree about the Ikea chairs - super cool.

Hey - I changed the name of my blog:


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